Rolling Cumulus Simulation THE INCA CREATION EXPEDITION-1947

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Windows XP with SP3 installed, Vista or 7 (32 or 64 bits), 8, 10
Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX with SP1 and SP2 (or Acceleration Pack),or FSXSE
Pentium V/2GHz or similar
Minimum 2GB RAM
512MB graphics card.
150MB available hard disk space.


Dr.Vergistain and his daughter Dority have for years studied the Inca
Civilization. Two weeks ago, on March 23, 1947, they came upon a parchment
known as the "Oluka-Kumbache" a document about the Creation of the Inca People
by Vericocha the Sky and Water deity. Upon close examination and date recolection
he is sure the document is over a Million years old!! he is so exited about it
that through the "Science Shellrock Foundation" he has taken a loan to start
an expedition in Peru. He will travel from London to Lima where he is extected
by-YOU- Pilot and gentleman with vast experience of the area in consideration.
He and his daughter will meet YOU in Lima in a month time and, obviously, you
will be there expecting them at the port of Callao, a few miles from Lima.
The Dr. has paid your fee in advance and you have rented a DC-3 to start the
first flight the next day they arrive.
This expedition has been on all world papers and Lima is in feast waiting for
the famous scientist and his lovely daughter. Everyone asks "What is he looking
for?" but the old man is very secretive. You will find out once you have taken
off from the airfield and no one else!....Will the expedition succeed? Is the Dr.
on the right path?.....Join the Expedition NOW!!!!

* Expeditionary Flights within dangerous Missions

* New and interesting Inca objects and Temples

* Great Scenery

* Voices and Music of the times

* Like within a Movie!!!

* Powerful Shamas

* Complete Documentation

* Easy copy paste

* Take all your family in the Expedition (The Dr. agrees!!)

* BONUS--Expedition Texture for Freeware Aircraft

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