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The Robin DR400 is an aircraft that will be familiar to many pilots as it is one of the most used trainers. Conceived in the early 70’s by Pierre Robin and Jean Délémontez. It flew for the first time in 1972 and at least 1300 were build. In any sense of the word it is a successful aircraft. The wooden structure and the characteristic ’cranked wing’ make it seem an older aircraft then is actually was actually rather modern and highly efficient. It’s light and the fabric covered wings and fuselage have low drag compared to a metal aircraft with hundreds of rivets. It’s also easy to fly at any speed so flight schools loved it. It can pull gliders, carry 4 persons and has proven to be very reliable.


In FSX and Prepar3D it is an ideal aircraft for beginners as you can cruise around without much hassle. But experts will like the very advanced flight characteristics that are truly highly accurate. In some of the models they are so accurate that even they idiosyncrasy of an older aircraft are included. For example the D-EVEM model that is flown by the main developer has a rather serious tendency to turn left. On most models this is countered by a trim tab but it was not on this model till very recent. So this is one model that is not easy to fly without rudder pedals. Some other models in this product are better balanced and easier to fly. But it shows how detailed the actual aircrafts are modelled.


Feature list:

  • Engine failure due to overreving or high Oil temperature
  • Realistic engine priming through throttle “pumping” for cold starts
  • Enhanced propeller animation
  • Realistic RPMs during flight envelope including magneto tests and carb heat
  • Custom fuel pump
  • Aersoft Sound Control for special sound effects
  • Checklist with panel state selector
  • Special developed landing lights that light up objects
  • Cockpit shake effect on startup and stall
  • Airframe shaking on startup and shutdown.
  • Instruments needles react on vibrations and aero dynamical influences.
  • Two GPS versions – One version with color and one in monochrome – both backlighted (monochrome not in Vista)
  • Setup page for selection of what to show on the GPS map.
  • Accepts FSX flight plans when loaded from the FSX flight plan menu page.
  • Direct-To function.
  • NRST station Airport, VOR, NDB and fixes can be selected for Direct-To`s.
  • Cursor mode where you can select any position on the map as a Direct-To.
  • HSI page showing ground track, flight plan leg bearing and cross track deviation.
  • Bendix King KX 125 TSO Com/Nav radio featuring:
    • Direct tune
    • 50/25 Khz step selector for Com frequency
    • CDI mode VOR/LOC
    • Auto-to mode
    • NAV Bearing mode
    • NAV Radial mode
  • Becker Transponder
  • KR 85 TSO ADF radio
  • Compass that really floats in fluid
  • Advanced flight dynamics including realistic side slips and spins
  • Very accurate flight behavior
  • 7 paints
  • 3 different panels
  • 2 different flight characteristics
  • High quality sound set recorded in and from the real aircraft in flight and on the ground.
  • Automatic warning signs in the VC if the user sets up FSX wrong.
  • Extensive documentation, including original checklist and specially formatted checklists for smartphones.
  • Detailed model of a used plane
  • Light on framerate.
  • No online activation needed, does personalize the installed files.

Developer Joachim Schweigler flying in the real Robin DR400:


Awards / Reviews:

Conclusion by Aerosoft Sim News (
"This is a fun plane and too bad that we do not see it on this side of the pond (North America) as a trainer. Although it would be competing against some big names, it has a lot going for it and looks up to the challenge. Aerosoft developer Joachim Schweigler has certainly done his homework on this plane and it shows with great textures, flight dynamics, animations and modeling, all very easy on the frames, for only US$30.41. In my view this is a great bargain with a lot of plane for the money. ‘Low and slow’ in a good aircraft can give us great enjoyment, especially with so much excellent scenery on the market. I`m glad to have this little gem in my hanger."

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Conclusion by
"I was skeptical of this add-on at first, although as I said, I really like the real life DR400. The screenshots didn’t really convince me, and the feature list didn’t captivate me. But when I started flying the Robin in FSX, things changed. I really got to like it. It doesn’t boast the highest definition textures, or the glossiest finish, or the highest amount of animations, but that certainly doesn’t diminish its value. And while it doesn’t boast an enormous amount of fancy system-stuff on first sight, it does surprise you with its features when you start paying attention. It’s not the most impressive aircraft, neither in real life or FSX, but in the end, I think it’s one of the best GA add-ons available right now, and currently my favorite in its class by far."

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Conclusion by Mike Cameron: 
"I live in the United States so I had never heard of the Robin series of aircraft. I like to primarily fly smaller single engine general aviation flight simulator aircraft and because the Robin DR-400-140B was unfamiliar to me and I like the challenge of trying something new, I wanted this aircraft installed on my system. Aerosoft has delivered a wonderful small aircraft that looks & sounds great, has excellent animations & flight model effects and is a fun and relatively easy aircraft to fly. The realistic flight model is excellent but if you are beginner pilot or do not own some form of rudder control I recommend downloading the patch that eliminates the left turning tendency in order to avoid a frustrating flight experience. If you do own rudder pedals or twist type joystick you are rewarded with a very realistic flight model. The Robin DR-400X is an outstanding value and I like that Aerosoft included so many features for such a low purchase price. I will definitely be keeping the Robin DR-400-140B in my virtual hangar. I want to thank Aerosoft for providing me with this review copy and Joachim Schweigler for developing this wonderful aircraft.

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System requirements: 
Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2, Acceleration Pack or Gold Edition) or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D 
Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows 7, Windows 8 (all fully updated) (64 bit version highly recommended) 
3.0 GHz processor (Dual Core processor or equivalent system recommended) 
2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended) 
3D Graphics Card with minimal 512 MB (2 GB recommended) 
Download-Size: 135 MB 
Installations-Size: 650 MB 

Additional downloads: 
 PDF-Manual (English): >> View here << 
 Original PDF-Manual of the Robin DR400 (D-EVEM) (German): >> View here <<

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