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A complete tour over the impressive and spectacular natural beauty of Caribbean Islands. You will starting your tour from Miami direct to Luis Munoz Marin Intl and then to Nassau Intl, Jose Marti Intl, Cancun Intl, Juan Santamaria Intl, Norman Manley Intl, Jose F Pena Gomez Intl, Luis Munoz Marin Intl, Princess Juliana Intl, V C Bird Intl, Grantley Adams Intl, Canouan, Piarco Intl, Flamingo, Oranjestad Reina Beatrix Intl, Punta Cana Intl, Le Lamentin, King, Cibao Intl, Juan G Gomez Intl, Gregorio Luperon Intl, Roberts Intl, Rafael Hernandez, Crown Point, Henry E Rohlsen, Hewanorra Intl, Terrance B Lettsome, George F Charles, Antonio Maceo Intl, Bradshaw Intl, De Campo Intl and back to Miami Intl to finish.

A large variety of flight situation for a total of 96 Misisons (32 IFR Flights, 32 Long Approach and 32 Short Final) to enjoy the most complete, sophisticated  and realisticcollections of missions.

Although the large library of flight scenarios includes dawn, mornig and dusk flights, you are able to change any default setting, airplane included! 

The Fleet provided includes all major Airlines operating in the Caribbean skies with Md-11 Whidebody Jetliner, Airbus A321 and Boeing 737-800 for a total of 15 NEW AIRPLANES!

Product Includes

  • 96 Missions  -  32 IFR flights from Airport to Airport * 32 Long Approach to each Airport * 32 Short Final with prefixed approach plate.
  • +100 Navigation Charts available during the missions
  • Complete Fleetwith a set Airlines operating in the Caribbean area
    MD-11 KLM, American Airlines and Delta Airlines 
    Airbus A321 Air Caraibes, Americam Airlines, Jetvlue, K5 Aviation, Spirit Airlines, US Airways
    Boeing 737-800 Air Transat, Caribbean Airlines, Copa Airlines, Sun Country, Sun Wings, Westjet
  • Fully customizable with our esclusive Special Feature that allow you to use any plane of your choice (instead of the included fleet) and to edit weather, time, date and season for each mission. You does not need of external program or make complicated actions such adjustment, modification or file editing. Just install the special feature, choose the plane, weather, time, date and season direct from the FSX Free Flight Menu, then choose the desired mission and fly with your favorite aircraft and settings without losing the Success message
  • Flight Management Computer (FMC) - The entire fleet is pre-configured for Garret Smith's free FMC application, available as separate and free download on many flight simulation websites.
  • PES - (Passengers Entertainment System)  - Missions also features the exclusivePassengers Entertainment System, fully customizable with your own sound tracks. When you reach the cruising altitude, a Prompt Menu will appear on your screen with PES Options. You can play until six soundtracks in a single flight. An entire section of the User Guide explain you how to use your own favorite soundtracks instead of those provided with the product!

Mission’s feature

  • Interactive briefing
  • Pre-start checklist
  • cockpit and cabin preparation ((Frequencies, Autopilot etc.)
  • Taxi checklist
  • Captain speaking Taxi announcement
  • Flight Attendant Taxi briefing
  • Before Takeoff checklist
  • Takeoff calls (60, 80, V1, Vr, V2, gear up, flaps up)
  • After takeoff checklist
  • 10000 feet warnings
  • Flight Attedent announcement
  • 18000 feet warnings (altimeters)
  • Altitude alert
  • Descent checklist
  • Landing checklist
  • Flight Attendant Landing briefing
  • GPSW (2500, 1000, 500, 400, 300 200, MA, 100, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10)
  • After landing Checklist
  • Flight Attendant after landing briefing
  • Parking checklist
MD-11 Delta
MD-11 Alitalia
Airbus A321 Air Caraibes
Airbus A321 American Airlines
Airbus A321 Jetblue
Airbus A321 K5 Aviation
Airbus A321 Spirit
Airbus A321 US Airways
Boeing 737-800 Air Transat
Boeing 737-800 Caribbean Airlines
Boeing 737-800 Copa Airlines
Boeing 737-800 Sun Country
Boeing 737-800 Sun Wings
Boeing 737-800 Westjet
Cockpit Views
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