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In this simulation we have captured the Spitfire as it was in perhaps the most important phase of its development - the early years of WWII. We begin with the Prototype as it was rolled out of the factory and first flown at Eastleigh in 1936, and end with the Mk1A ‘standard’ production Spitfire which fought alongside that other venerable fighter, the Hawker Hurricane, in the Battle of Britain.

The supplied paint schemes include a number of aircraft flown by the ‘aces’ of the Battles of France and Britain and the flight dynamics of this simulation have been specially programmed to allow you to fly ‘by the book’, so go ahead and try your skill at ‘matching the numbers’ achieved by ‘Mutt’ Summers and Jeffrey Quill in the prototype, or test your nerve on an endurance run over the fields of France and back in your Mk1A!

Custom built exclusively for Just Flight, with an incredibly detailed and ultra-high quality cockpit, exacting flight dynamics and realistic Merlin engine sounds, this is the ultimate Spitfire package for FSX!

All the aircraft from this Spitfire add-on are also available in the Battle of Britain 70th Anniversary package (Download and Boxed) which also includes our Hurricane and Me 109 add-ons.

Features overview 

  • Developed exclusively for FSX
  • Highly detailed exterior models
  • Extremely high quality interactive 3D Virtual Cockpit
  • Great sounds of the Merlin engine
  • Canopy jettison feature on MK1A
  • 12 highly authentic liveries
  • Animated pilot figure
  • Detailed Merlin engine visible
  • Numerous animations
  • Engine start battery trolley
  • High fidelity flight model
  • Detailed manual
  • Engine start effects
  • Multiple view points
  • Flight Dynamics


  • First prototype
  • Prototype as seen at 1936 Hendon Air Pageant
  • Spitfire Mk1 with two-blade propeller
  • Spitfire Mk1A

Interior models

  • Mk1 early with manual gear extension and 'ring & bead' gunsight (also used for Prototypes)
  • Mk1A production type

Exterior models

  • Built following the most accurate plans available to achieve accurate profiles and shapes
  • Specular and bump mapped where appropriate

Virtual Cockpit

  • Completely modelled to portray the real cockpit in full detail
  • Every switch, knob and lever works, most with bespoke animation code
  • Shadow textured where appropriate
  • Correct hand pump type gear extension in early versions


  • Cockpit drop-down door
  • Engine starter battery trolley
  • Opening radio compartment with radio set sliding out
  • Animated pilot figure
  • Canopy jettison feature on MK1A
  • Sliding canopy
  • Undercarriage (chassis)
  • Wing top undercarriage status indicators
  • Control surfaces - flaps, rudder, elevators, ailerons and trim tabs

Special effects

  • Engine start smoke effects
  • Gun firing effects and sounds


  • Highly detailed texture mapping without compromising frame rates
  • Layered paint kit included to help create your own liveries (suitable additional paint program such as Photoshop required)

Included aircraft

Prototype K5054 -first flew on March 5, 1936. The airframe was finished in primer paint of varying colour density and the engine panels were left in bare aluminium alloy. The aircraft lacked radio equipment and carried the bare necessities for testing. Captain 'Mutt' Summers was at the controls.

Prototype K5054 - as seen at Hendon Air Pageant in the new types park, 1936. Wheel spats had been added to the oleo struts and covered the entire well with smaller folding spats at their ends.

19 Squadron Mk1 K9795 with two-blade, fixed-pitch Watts wooden propeller and flat perspex canopy. Also, note the 'ring and bead' gunsight and early aerial. This was the first production Spitfire to be delivered to the RAF for operational use.

19 Squadron Mk1 QV-W K9854 with two-blade propeller, flown by Flt.Lt. Wilfred Clouston, October 1939.

65 Squadron Mk1 FZ-L K9906 with two-blade propeller, flown by Flt. Lt. Robert 'Bob' Stanford Tuck, Hornchurch, August 1939. Stanford Tuck became the first Spitfire ace over Dunkirk in May 1940.

74 Squadron Mk1 ZP-A with two-blade propeller, flown by Flt. Lt. Adolf 'Sailor' Malan, Hornchurch, May/June 1940. It was in this aircraft that Malan eventually became an ace in several remarkable exploits. The machine was eventually destroyed in a crash in 1943.

19 Squadron Mk1A QV-H P9546 flown by George 'Grumpy' Unwin.

19 Squadron Mk1A QV-K P9386 flown by Squadron Leader Brian Lane, Fowlmere 1940.

54 Squadron Mk1A KL-B P9398 flown by Squadron Leader Al Deere, Rochford 1940.

222 Squadron Mk1A ZD-F P9323 flown from Hornchurch in July/August 1940

610 Squadron Mk1A DW-O L1043 flown from Biggin Hill July 1940.

65 'East India' Squadron Mk1A YT-J R6775 flown from Hornchurch July 1940.


  • Flight Simulator X (SP2 & DirectX 10 Preview compatible)
  • 2.5GHz PC or any Dual Core
  • 512Mb RAM
  • Windows 7, Vista or XP
  • 128Mb 3D graphics card

580Mb hard drive space

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