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Part of the definitive General Aviation collection for Flight Simulator from the highly acclaimed Just Flight Flying Club product, the PA38-112 Tomahawk is one of the most popular General Aviation training aircraft in the World.

Detailed features

  • Highly accurate and detailed General Aviation PA38-112 Tomahawk aircraft based on extensive research
  • Authentic looking and operating avionics as fitted to the real aircraft
  • A total of 17 aircraft to fly!
  • 4 livery styles
  • The aircraft is available to fly in UK, American, German and French registrations
  • Authentic custom sound sets built from the real aircraft sounds in and out
  • Highly realistic custom flight model created by an industry leader in this field
  • High quality authentic aircraft textures inside and out giving you that real feel
  • The model is based on extensive research on the actual real-world aircraft
  • Immersive virtual cockpit with mouse clickable instruments and knobs
  • Authentic 2D instrument panel included
  • Compatible with Flight Simulator X and FS2004
  • Compatible with Windows Vista
  • Authentic animations; Propellers, rotating wheels, moving flaps, elevators, rudders, ailerons, nose wheel steering, entry doors, engine inspection panels, undercarriage shock absorber movement, trim tabs - even the door handles and sun visors work!
  • Details, details! Visually detailed engine compartments and small but important items like the brake fluid lines, pitot head, Comms and Nav radio antennas, sun visors, footsteps, tie down points, flap hinges, door hinges, temperature gauge probes, fuel tank caps, hand grab handles - even the door stops are modelled!
  • AerOload payload editor. Change the amount of fuel, baggage and the number of passengers you are carrying. You will even see the correct number of people in the cabin!
  • AerOpaint texture utility. Create new custom liveries of the aircraft or edit the exitsting ones. (External painting program required such as MS Paint)
  • AerOface. You want to be the pilot? Easy. Use Aeroface to place your or any other face image on pilot!
  • Operating navigation and landing lights
  • Cockpit night lighting
  • Full PDF manual

A dedicated website www.jfflyingclub.com to download additional files, liveries, other resources and enhance the features of your Flying Club experience.

System operations

Improved and more accurate aircraft systems, numerous small operational improvements for even more accurate and realistic system simulations, such as

  • Electrical system simulation and operation
  • Engine indications

All-new avionics

  • A complete custom set of avionics individually developed for each aircraft based on the actual equipment fitted in the original machines
  • ADF system, including working Flight Timer and Elapsed Timer
  • VHF Communication/Navigation Transceiver
  • Transponder

Additional new operations

  • Updated altimeter operation. Unique! Each aircraft has an altimeter that will change from Milibars to Inches indications in the pressure setting window on the altimeter depending on which International settings you have set in Flight Simulator - also to make it easier to read it is a simple mouse click to enlarge it
  • Individual Avionics can now be turned ON or OFF
  • Engine Starter motor(s) engaged warning lights (some also Press to test)
  • Low-voltage warning light (some also Press to test)
  • Mouse-over text added where appropriate
  • Instrument panel placards clarity improved in the 2D and Virtual cockpits
  • All avionics are now available in a large pop-up window
  • Yokes can now be toggled to show/hide in the Virtual cockpit with a mouse click


  • FS2004 or Flight Simulator X (Acceleration/SP2 compatible and SP2 DX10 Preview compatible) 
  • Pentium III 1.7GHz
  • RAM - Windows 98: 256Mb; Windows XP: 512Mb; Windows Vista: 1024Mb
  • 64Mb 3D graphics card
  • Windows 98/XP/Vista
  • 153Mb hard drive space
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