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The sleek curves of Concorde are expertly modeled to allow the Pilot to experience the visual beauty of this most unique of all aircraft within FSX. All the systems are there for an immersive experience in operating Concorde X like the pro`s. Along with the true-to life sounds, in the VC the Virtual Pilot can have the experience of virtually "being there".


With realistic flight dynamics, learning to fly Concorde has never been as complex or as enjoyable within MSFS. Even the novice can enjoy learning on this aircraft due to the helpful Virtual Flight Engineer. Concorde-X is a must for all Virtual Pilots.

Offering the `easiest-to-fly` but also `most complete` Concorde aircraft simulation ever to be produced for a desktop flight simulator, the Concorde-X has arrived to set new standards with its amazingly accurate systems, stunning photo-realistic graphics, vigorously detailed external model and virtual cockpit, and a fully immersive three-dimensional sound experience!



  • Variant 2D flood and instrument lighting
  • 3D analog instruments on Virtual Cockpit
  • External models built for FSX features, including new animations for doors, cargo bays, pilots, control surfaces, gear bogies and much more!
  • Engine flames up on hot start
  • Improved and refined reheat effects
  • Engineer’s panel simulation including: Fuel, Hydraulics, Engine Control, Intake Control, Cabin Pressurization,  and brake temperature logic
  • Complete engine start & shutdown logic
  • Ground Services for air and electrics
  • Realistic reaction of aircraft systems to exterior temperature (hydraulic level, TCA temp, bleed air duct temperature)
  • Ramps and spill doors manual management affect engine damage and performance
  • and much more


simFlight Award 2011, 2nd place in the category "Aircraft: Commercial Civilian"

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Mutley`s Hangar Award for Excellence, Mutleyshangar.com

Conclusion by Mutleyshangar.com:
"This add on was never going to fail to impress. The development team is one of the best out there and no stone was left unturned in their quest for absolute realism. Apart from the use of the autopilot it is easily the easiest and most complex Concorde simulation to date. For an airliner as complex as Concorde, this is a huge achievement. I`ve loved every minute of reviewing Concorde X and thank FSLabs for allowing me to do so. Captain Adrian Thomson described the thrill of Concorde perfectly: 
"Men of vision designed this wonderful machine, men of passion built her, and, I hope that it will be said, men of skill and daring flew her" FSLabs have captured this perfectly. Without any shadow of doubt, this add-on is given a Mutley`s Hangar verdict of 10/10and I am pleased to be able to award this product the Mutley`s Hangar Award for Excellence. Well done Flight Sim Labs!"

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Conclusion by FlightSim.com:
"This product is a phenomenal one, it is fast (like it should be), performs as it should, and really adds a level of realism yet to be met by any FSX supersonic. It is created with seeming skill, research, and it has accumulated a great blend of sound, 3D modeling, performance, and realism that is coveted in this industry, but these elements have been paralleled perfectly, with all systems working together, in unison. As flight simulator progresses, we have learned a lot about what it can do, and have done it; I believe that the Concorde X is an example of how well things can be done - it is an older add-on, made closer to the beginning of FSX development, and as Flight Sim Labs achieved such quality before others did, I can`t wait to get my hands on their next product. I can say that, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that Concorde X is the finest simulation of a vintage commercial airliner that I have ever had the privilege of using.

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Conclusion by Avsim.com:
"The Concorde is and stays in many ways, an extraordinary model. An extraordinary model because it looks and is totally different than what we’re used to. An extraordinary model because it flies supersonic and an extraordinary model because it`s fair to say that this is a well simulated replica of the original Concorde. While saying this, I mean the external model, virtual cockpit in particular, the virtual business or first class cabin and not to forget the manuals including the tutorial.

You don`t get the official Aerospatiale manuals, but what Flight Sim Labs offers is a nice collection of useful didactical Concorde manuals and a well-written tutorial. Although I`m very happy with the tutorial there are a few parts in it which are not always understandable in what you need to do. Suppose that this is also applicable to you, just leave a note at the forum and they will help you. I think it`s also fair to warn you that your first flight won`t be an initial success since this aircraft is not a default FSX one but a complicated add-on model.

When I write “complicated” it doesn`t mean you cannot master it. It will just take a little more time than normal. Also the use of the INS CDU is not something you expect and it could be that you have no experience with it at all except with FMS. Knowing FMS doesn`t mean you understand how to handle INS. Dealing with INS is something you need to learn but don`t worry; there is the manual again helping you out. You can use the INS as the pilots did or you can use the “quick and go” option. Again the tutorial will help you with this.

This is probably a model you might want to have and to park in your hangar, but I can assure you that the overall price and in-depth simulated systems are worth having the model and flying it."

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System requirements:

Active Internet-Connection needed for installation! Offline-Activation only possible in contact with Aerosoft-Support support@aerosoft.com


Internet Connection  
Microsoft Flight Simulator X with SP2 or Acceleration
Dual Core CPU
256MB Graphics card 
Win XP SP2, Vista or Windows 7 (32 or 64bit) 

Quad-Core or i7 Processor
1024MB Graphics Card
Win7 64bit


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