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First flown in the 1960s, this rugged and versatile twin-engined aircraft has been in continuous service ever since as airliner, cargo transport and light utility with police and armed forces around the world. No wonder this British marvel has become one of Europe’s best selling commercial aircraft! Two engines... Nine passengers... One pilot! The BN-2 Islander is a British light utility aircraft, mainline airliner and cargo aircraft designed and originally manufactured by Britten-Norman of the United Kingdom. The Islander is one of the best-selling commercial aircraft types produced in Europe and although designed in the 1960s, over 750 are still in service with some 50 commercial operators around the world. The aircraft is also used by the Army and Police forces in the United Kingdom and is a popular light transport with over 30 military aviation operators. The Islander’s simple and rugged manufacture makes for daily operation in and out of rough grass and unprepared strips - as short as 300m - in all-weathers. Indeed, its twin-engined reliability, 30kts cross-wind limit and IFR cockpit fitment has seen the Islander operate the only regular daily transport in the Scottish Western Isles in weather that even has the local sheep running for cover. Developed over two years with the help of real-world Islander pilots and operators, this exciting simulated version is a full-featured FSX release, including technologies such as cockpit self-shadowing, HDR bloom effects, and bump mapping and DX10 compatible external and internal visuals. Whether you want to operate simulated inter-island transport, feeder airliner flights or just simply have fun in this all-purpose aircraft, the Islander is certain to put a smile on your face. Short field performance - Big on features Over the years, the BN-2 has spawned many variants with an almost endless combination of engine and cockpit fitments. This BN-2 simulation is extensively based a real world example with assistance from Great Barrier X-Press Airlines, Auckland, New Zealand - fitted with 2x Lycoming O-540 260hp engines. We’ve included two exterior model variants for both early and late nose profile (BN-2A and BN-2B) Islanders, with related lighting accessories - all beautifully represented with a total of 13 paint-schemes: Air Hamburg Barrier Aviation British Airways Express British Airways Express (Tartan) FLN Great Barrier X-Press (Kotare) Great Barrier X-Press LFH Milford Sound Sightseeing OLT Nature Air Shetland Islands Council Winair Each is rendered in stunning detail and a Paint Kit makes it easy for you to create your own extras. Over 400 interior and exterior custom animations on the DX10-compatible model - with interior self-shadowing. High detail specular and bump maps for every part of the exterior and Virtual Cockpit brings every rivet and surface to life. Beautiful night lighting textures and effects inside and out - plus the gauge and panel lighting can be independently switched. High Fidelity sound set from Turbine Sound Studios makes this feel like the real aircraft, even with your eyes shut! Flight dynamics tuned and refined with the help of real-world Islander pilots - this baby doesn’t just look right, she flies right too. Fully-functional Virtual Cockpit with virtually every system and gauge functioning: 3D RealGauge Technology for super smooth fluid fully-3D gauges. Preset VC views and pop-up Bendix King GPS unit make easy access to key switches and gauges. Click spots on the throttle quadrant toggle allow selection of "Tied" / "Separated" engine controls All knobs and controls feature intuitive left-click or mouse scroll-wheel backwards to decrease value, or right-click or mouse scroll-wheel forwards to increase value. Yokes can be toggled from view as desired to access instruments and switches. Panel shake effect on engine start and take off roll. BENDIX KING GPS INSIDE! Included is a fully functioning Bendix King KLN 90A GPS unit created by SimAvionics featuring: Full Nav data pages, single-column Nav tracking or Dual Column Super-Nav mode. Flight Plan display mode Add and delete waypoints from plan User waypoint creation Flight Plans can be created and stored. "Direct to" mode. Flight plans can be imported from FSX Flight planner. We recommend careful study of the real world manual (available free from the Bendix King website) PLUS the avionics fitment includes: Century 21 AutoPilot which can follow an FSX loaded flight plan OR a KLN GPS flight plan. Bendix King KN54 DME Bendix King KR87A ADF Bendix King KT67A Transponder Bendix King KX155 Com/Nav Awards/Reviews: simFlight Award 2011, 1st place in the category "Aircraft: General Aviation, Commuter" View all results Beste Software 2010 - Best Payware General Aviation, Click here to view all results Conclusion by "If you like flying around the islands, pretty much anywhere in the world, this airplane is a great way to move half a dozen passengers with cargo. With its great flying characteristics it will get you in and out of small airstrips and once you master the KLN GPS, you will have no trouble finding your way around. It captures the feeling of a no-nonsense workhorse aircraft very well and really grows on you as you fly it more and more." Read review Conclusion by "I am a high, heavy, and fast kind of guy. I prefer the smell of Jet A to Avgas...however the BN-2 has brought me back into the world of small light aircraft. She was a dream to fly, and I had a blast loading her up with pax/mail/cargo in FS Passengers, had a blast only having access to what a real BN-2 pilot has access to. It`s sometimes hard to give a real extensive review on something so simple but regardless the BN-2 while not my favorite plane sits in a special place being the only true STOL plane I`ve got. Flight One and Virtavia have gone the extra mile to make you FEEL like you`re actually in the plane. I certainly recommend this to the diehard GA/light twin fan. You will have a blast! There were some discrepancies but hey every add-on has them. I do think that she`s a bit overpriced but then when you go back and look as to just how hard they worked and the research to make you feel like you are in the plane perhaps she`s not that overpriced." Read review System requirements: Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2 or Acceleration Pack) Windows 7, Vista or XP(Sp2) 2.8 GHz processor (Dual 2 Core recommended) 2 GB RAM 512 MB video card Installations-Size: 650 MB Download Size: 300 MB

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